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Surf Diva Surf School is candian viagra known worldwide for its excellent surf instruction and how to get some cialis coaching. First established in La Jolla in 1996, Surf Diva is the original surf school for women. For more than 10 years, Surf Diva has been teaching thousands of women, men and kids to surf from all over the cialis gel world.

Teaching Costa Rica surfing campSurf Diva surf instructors are all CPR and First Aid certified and go through an intensive selection and training process before they graduate to the Surf Diva Instructor Team. Our instructors at the Surf Diva Costa Rica Adventure understand local surf conditions and have an extensive knowledge of viagra prices us the area and all it has to offer. Surf Diva stands firm by a ratio of one instructor to every five surfers. By keeping our groups small, we ensure that you will get a lot of individual attention to best improve your surfing.
Our goal is to provide you with such a memorable and fun vacation/adventure that you won't want to lost cost levitra leave!


The surf beaches on the peninsula are breathtaking. The secret surf spot, where the Surf Diva Surf Adventure is located, is a 6km expanse of white sand just walking distance from the accommodations. The surf is perfect for surfers of all levels, from beginners to more advanced wave riders with consistent waves and budget cialis both left and right-hand breaks. We have both softboards and boards made out of epoxy by Surftech. The water averages 70-80 degrees. On the Costa Rica Surf Adventure we surf twice daily with time inbetween to take part in one of our yoga sessions, have a massage, eat some of viagra online 50 mgs the wonderfully prepared local produce or simply kick back and read a book by the cialis from canada pool!

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Surf Diva Surf School has been featured in many TV shows and on numerous local and national news stations. These include CNN, The Today Show, MTV, ESPN, MSNBC, KUSI and The Travel Channel, to name but a few. Surf Diva has also been featured in many magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, Vogue, Glamour, Cosmo, GQ, Newsweek, Oprah Magazine, and Cond� Nast Travel Magazine. In 2006, Surf Diva was recognized by the California State Assembly and buy cialis online australia awarded "Small Business of the Year" for its district.
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"The instructors were great. They have great personalities and positive attitudes which helped to enhance the dynamic of our group not only during the lessons but during other activities as well. Each instructor has a respect and love for surfing which was evident in their teaching."

-Gabrielle '08



Costa Rica surf and Yoga vacation


There really is no better way to stretch out your muscles both before and after surfing than yoga. At Surf Diva, we believe yoga is an integral part of the Costa Rica experience!

Between your morning and afternoon surf, you will have the opportunity to relax with some basic, light yoga with our qualified yoga instructor.

The class is gele viagra designed to be a relaxing stretch to where buy cialis get you ready for surfing in the afternoon and to relieve sore muscles. It is not intended as an intensive yoga workout. We want to leave you with enough energy for surfing.


The class is held in a beautiful outdoor setting just steps away from your accommodations.

Costa Rica surf and Yoga vacation 2
Should you wish to join a more advanced or intensive yoga workout, there are several classes available through the local yoga studio. *Extra yoga sessions would be at your own expense.



"[The instructor] is such a charming and zen instructor and original viagra makes me wish I spent more time doing yoga. In one week I became much more flexible."
Marina January '08


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During the week you will get a full body massage to relax and relieve all of your surfing muscles. The deep tissue massage is given in your own personal hut in the jungle. Lights are turned low and soothing scents permeate the room to allow you to relax to your fullest. Careful not to buy viagra online in canada fall asleep-you might miss a surf session or delicious meal!

"The surfer massage in the tree hut was perfect after two days of surfing."

-Jennifer July '08



Costa Rican Culture

Women all inclusive Costa Rica surfing vacation

If La Jolla is the jewel of California, then Costa Rica is the jewel of Central America. This tiny country nestled between Nicaragua and Panama boasts some of the finest coastline and most beautiful scenery on the planet. Costa Rica is Mother Earth at her absolute best!

If you’re a surf enthusiast, a nature lover, a beach bum, an adventurer, or even if you just want to chill out and soak up the atmosphere, Costa Rica is the perfect destination.
Despite its size, Costa Rica is geographically highly diverse. From beautiful beaches to dense lowland rainforest, from volcanoes to cloud forests, from tropical lakes and rivers to seasonal dry forests, Costa Rica has a lot to offer. Its geographical diversity and obtain viagra without prescription tropical climate also ensure it has a rich and prolific wildlife. It’s a paradise for anyone who wants to escape the city to join nature.

A haven of cheap viagra from mexico ecotourism, Costa Rica covers only 0.1% of the world’s land mass, but is home to viagra pfizer 5% of the world’s biodiversity. It has more than 20 national parks and protected zones. It’s location between North and South America has enabled plants and animals from both continents to live there and its tropical climate and geographical make-up has allowed these species to flourish. Moreover, the nation’s environmental policies serve to strictly protect the natural habitat. We could all learn from Costa Rican’s enlightened attitude towards the environment!

Costa Rica is home to more than 9,000 species of plants including thousands of orchids. More than 850 species of birds and best price tramadol about 600 species of butterflies inhabit Costa Rica. There are also more than 200 species of mammals, including four types of indigenous monkey – the howler, spider, white-faced capuchin, and squirrel monkey. There are iguanas, amazing insects, frogs, squirrels, sloths and many more intriguing animals that have made their home there. It’s really not too difficult to get to see many of these creatures in their natural habitat too. Take a horseback ride, a canopy tour, go for a jungle walk or simply snooze in your hammock by the beach and you are pretty much surrounded by wildlife in this fascinating and beautiful country.

Costa Rica also has more than 100 volcanic formations. Seven of Costa Rica’s volcanoes are active. The most active volcano in Costa Rica is Volcan Arenal. Located in the Arenal National Park, the volcano has a perfect conical shape and offers a spectacular light show of ash and molten lava for those lucky enough to see it. The volcano is often shrouded in clouds, which contribute to the prolific wildlife of the nearby Monteverde Cloud Forest.


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In 1968 Volcan Arenal exploded destroying the nearby settlements of buy viagra professional online Pueblo Nuevo and Tabacon. Today, the volcano is visited by hundreds of tourists who flock there year-round to see the magnificent sight and buy xenical online no prescription to sample some of the natural beauty of the nearby Monteverde Cloud Forest. A highlight of this area is visiting one of the natural spas or hot springs created by the heat of the volcano. Set in lush tropical jungle, the spas offer the viagra 50 mg perfect environment for rest, relaxation and invigoration. The spas occur naturally at the foot of the Arenal volcano. Rainwater is heated by the magma from the earth’s core and creates pools, streams and cascading waterfalls of warm mineral-rich water amongst the tropical canopy of link for you online pharmacies the jungle.

"Pura Vida" or "Pure Life" is the best way to sum up everything that Costa Rica has to offer. You’ll hear everyone say it. Costa Rican’s embrace the idea of "Pura Vida" in the way they live their lives. It’s a simple phrase that seems to capture the essence of what to expect from a vacation in Costa Rica – friendly and welcoming people, an experience of nature in its purest form, peace and serenity, beautiful scenery and an ocean that just begs to be surfed.

Women all inclusive Costa Rica surfing vacation 3The Surf Diva Costa Rica Surf Adventure is located in a small, traditional Tico village on the Nicoya Peninsula. The area is one of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets. The surf spot and buy levitra on line hotel are located about 266 kilometers from the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. Because of the poor roads in this area, this piece of tropical paradise is off the beaten track for tourists, so it never gets too crowded. The area has a very low-key, laid-back feel. There are no huge hotels to spoil the peace and quiet. Most restaurants, bars and hotels are small, privately owned affairs with a real traditional Costa Rican feel.

The weather in this part of Costa Rica is also perfect. The dry season lasts from November to May, making this an excellent time to buying cialis no prescription visit. During the rainy season, which is especially heavy in September, October and November, the heavy rains turn the area into a tropical rainforest, making this a great destination for sun worshippers and nature-lovers.

The beaches on the Nicoya Peninsula are equally breathtaking. The secret surf spot, where the Surf Diva Surf Adventure is located, is a 6km expanse of white sand. The surf is perfect for surfers of all levels, from beginners to more advanced wave riders with consistent waves and both left and right-hand breaks.


"I loved that it was a small town and so accessible by foot."

-Dianne '08


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