National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic 2017

Surf Diva Surf School is proud to be the Surfing Venue for the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic. 

For one week over 100 veterans from all over the country visit La Jolla Shores every year and get discovered the beauty of this beach and experienced the stoke of surfing.

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[#INTHENEWS] Izzy & Coco's wild idea worth living

Surf Diva head instructor and Costa Rica Diva Shelby Stanger has sandboarded down desolate dunes in South Africa, standup paddled a remote portion of the Amazon river, spent a summer reporting about a traveling punk rock concert, and interviewed countless CEOs, entrepreneurs, and athletes on assignment. Aside from her work in journalism, she’s also worked with companies like Nike, Vans, Body Glove and prAna who have hired Shelby to help them tell their stories better, gaining them more customers, fans and sales. Over the years, Shelby’s learned how much a little adventure can cure. She’s also become an expert at taking her own wild ideas and turning them into reality, as well as empowering others to live out their passions.


In 2016 she started her podcast WILD IDEAS WORTH LIVING: Have you ever had a wild idea but were afraid to act on it? Or maybe you started, but then self-doubt crept in, someone told you that it wouldn’t work, or you talked yourself out of it. This is the podcast she wishes she had listened to when deciding to quit an AWESOME marketing job to pursue freelance journalism. Again when deciding to move to Costa Rica, surf and write from abroad. Again when I fell in love and moved to New Zealand. Again, when launching a new business.

In the latest episode of WILD IDEAS WORTH LIVING Shelby interviews Surf Diva Diva's Izzy Tihanyi.

"Izzy Tihanyi started the first all-women’s surf school in 1996. Prior to founding Surf Diva, Izzy was a competitive collegiate surfer, competed on the professional women’s longboard circuit, hosted a TV show for action sports, and at one point was even my surf camp counselor.

Izzy has an awesome story, which is why she frequently gets asked to speak at business and sports events. She also happens to be one of my best friends ever, so we get a little cheeky on the show. We dive into some pretty serious topics too, like body image, the work ethic that is instilled when you come from an immigrant family, starting a business in a bikini, advice to teens, why surfing naked is awesome, and how to be the best surfer in the water."


  • You wish you didn’t have to wear shoes to work.
  • You surf or want to know how to surf.
  • You love the ocean.
  • You are an entrepreneur or want to start a business.
  • You know of or have been to Surf Diva.



[#INTHENEWS] Izzy Tihanyi live on The Weather Channel

Surf Diva founder and co-owner Izzy Tihanyi joins The Weather Channel crew Kelly Cass and Reynolds Wolf for "AMHQ" and Paul Goodloe and Maria LaRosa on "Weekend Recharge" in their morning segment to talk about La Jolla Surf Camp and the American Surf Academy as well as the All Girls Boarding School - all three are part of the Surf Diva Surf School summer camp program!

Learn more about the camps in San Diego, California!