Corporate Team Building Activities

Organizing a fun and successful team-building event can create positive communication and understanding among coworkers. Whether the purpose of a corporate event is employee appreciation or creating an opportunity for the team to recharge during a challenging project or building relationships that foster networking, planning a perfect team-building activity in San Diego has never been easier.


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Surfing together enhances team growth 

Surfing is California’s state sport and is deeply rooted in California’s culture at large. Therefore we invented the term “board meeting” because there’s no better place to grow as a team and individually than in the waves of the Pacific Ocean. 

Learning to surf, or for many local companies, improving the surf skills of their employees is the perfect in-person year-round outing for groups in San Diego.

Team building for small groups and large companies in San Diego

Surfing as a corporate clinic can be embedded into an entire agenda or serve as a stand-alone outing. As the #1 surf school in San Diego, Surf Diva, Inc. is able to cater to groups of various sizes. With over 26 years of experience in organizing team-building events for small groups and large companies and corporations, we have the permits, staff, and equipment needed to make surfing the incentive your team will talk about forever.

We share the stoke of surfing, ocean awareness, and surfing etiquette in a dynamic environment with every member of the team, so they can experience it together. The deep and unique bond formed while surfing and experiencing the ocean, enhances friendly competition, creativity, interaction, trust, communication, and leadership in a natural way.

Team Surf Clinics at La Jolla Shores

La Jolla Shores beach is the best beach for beginners in San Diego. Thanks to the shape of the beautiful La Jolla Cove, we are sheltered from bigger swells and thus can offer suitable surf conditions for all year round. La Jolla Shores is located in a marine protected area within the La Jolla Ecological Reserve. Surfers get to share the ocean with dolphins, seals, guitarfish, and sometimes even turtles and whales.

San Diego’s marine protected areas (MPAs) are home to thousands of birds, mammals, and fish and are prime recreation destinations for people who love the coast. Like parks on land, marine protected areas provide safe havens for ocean life to rebound in the face of challenges like overfishing and pollution. Wildlife such as elephant seals, sea otters, and leopard sharks can be spotted in various MPAs. Activities for people are also endless, including diving, surfing, paddleboarding, walking on the beach, wildlife watching, exploring tide pools, and bird-watching.

Furthermore, the beach offers amenities for all sized groups such as a large parking lot, bus parking, showers, restrooms, and grassy areas with the opportunity to include your surf lesson into an entire beach day or shoreside picnic. The small beach town also offers world-class restaurants and hotels within walking distance of the beach.

Award-winning Surf Diva Surf Shop

The award-winning Surf Diva Surf Shop is located within walking distance of the beach. Team members can find anything they forgot at home at a special team discount. We are also able to provide souvenirs and incentive gifts that can be customized per request. Aside from famous surf and lifestyle brands such as Roxy, Quiksilver, Havaianas, Reef, and many more, the surf shop and boutique carries the most unique surf and beach gifts and merchandise!

Surfing as team building activity 

This is why DMCs, startup owners, and HR managers at big corporations are seeing the amazing value of surfing at Surf Diva Surf School as a team-building activity for all levels of ability. Sharing the stoke of surfing creates a deep and unique bond between all group members. Surf Diva Surf School has helped corporate teams network, rejuvenate and interact the “California way” since 1996.

How to inquire and book a corporate surf clinic?

STEP 1 Surf-Check

Reach out to our experienced team-building Divas and Divos, as they will help you to choose and configure the best program for your group. Let us help you identify and set the goals for your corporate surf clinic. We will look into scheduling, abilities, skill levels, and group size. With over 150 wetsuits available in all sizes, our surf shop can accommodate up to a 4X for plus-size surfers. 

STEP 2  Surf Clinic - Ready to share the Stoke!

Our “board meeting” specialists will make planning, check-in, and getting ready at the beach as easy as possible for your team. Once all group members are set up, we are ready to share the stoke of surfing!

STEP 3  Board Meeting at the #1 Surf School in San Diego

With over 25 years of experience, Surf Diva Surf School has the experience needed to plan and execute corporate team-building events of all sizes. All our instructors go through a comprehensive screening and training. Every surf instructor is lifesaving and CPR-certified and has ocean rescue training.

Learn about our team building packages and let our Corporate Team Building specialist Steve help you with organizing a perfect event: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 858.454.8273.

Attention YOUTH SPORTS TEAMS, please contact Steve directly for packages and quotes!