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The trip was fantastic and I definitely miss that 85 degree water and air temperature, so hopefully I'll be able to join you on another retreat next year! Eki & Marianne were both awesome instructors and hostesses of all our activities all week long! Marianne was always upbeat and supportive and gave us great educational information, as well as technique pointers & having Eki as a local instructor was awesome too because she was able to not only give us surfing tips, but also could tell us even more about Costa Rica, which was fantastic! They really went above and beyond in every way.

Lisa, March 2016

How cool and fun are you guys!?! What an amazing group of women! Glad I had the opportunity to tag along with you guys and learn a thing or two about surfing!! I now understand why surfers love to surf!

Robbyne, February 2016 

I cannot even begin to express what a wonderful trip this was.  Our instructors were both so encouraging & really good at reading all of us with what we could handle next.  I never would have gone surfing on my own.  They both knew how to push us & ease us into it at the same time.  We were in tears when our trip came to end…and I am not one to get attached in just one week! 

Hala, March 2015

I had the best best BEST time! Thank you all so much!! You are all spectacular! I can’t wait to come surfing with you again! The trip was fantastic; I totally accomplished what I wanted to.

Elizabeth, February 2015

I can't say enough good things about Surf Diva, and I tell every girl I meet who wants to learn or improve her surfing about you guys!

Emily, April 2014

The instructors are amazing; they made me feel so relaxed and confident in the water, at the same time that they insisted on true, focused, learning.  I always felt like they had my success at heart and that they were creative and thoughtful in how they taught me.  I can't wait to go back!

Spring, April 2014

I had a fantastic trip!!! Loved Nosara! I felt a need to step "out of my box" and do something that scared me like traveling alone to a country that I'd never been to and trying a sport that I'd never done before and was somewhat frightening to me....  To make a long story short, what a great choice this was and what a great kick off to a new life! 

Karen, July 2013

I am a trainer, and I set a very high standard for myself and tend to measure all other trainers with the same high set of expectations.  If a trainer finds genuine joy and excitement in even the smallest growth and change in her clients that is a trainer who cares.  All my expectations were met and exceeded, and I was truly touched at the patience and joy the gals seemed to have in my very humble attempts!  I am a very very beginner surfer who is still happy on the inside...but, I can speak to the absolute joy of the experience which totally transcends any lack of skill or ability.  There is nothing like just letting go and trying something new, I tell my own clients all the time- jump in and see, try something new, why not?! I am very excited because this gives me an impetus to continue facing my fear of open water and to challenge myself to keep getting in the water, even if it's just the pool.  Excellent adventure, thank you so much!

Kathleen, February 2012

Absolutely amazing! If you want to learn to surf and you like adventure and especially if you are a woman - this is the place to go! The instructors are knowledgeable, patient and fun. Costa Rica is beautiful! You will be exhausted and exhilarated! Great surfing, great food, great people and great fun!

NJ, March 2011

My instructor was incredible.  Meeting her was instantly like visiting your long-time friend.  Her instruction was incredible.  She was so encouraging and patient.  She did some research for me for some potential recreational activities.  We all had so much fun together.  This experience was well beyond what I anticipated.  The girls were great and made this trip so much fun.  I was able to make more progress surfing than I thought I would.

Rebecca, April 2010

I learned and improved more in one day of surfing with Surf Diva than I did in three weeks of surfing on my own.  The instructor was great, very helpful, friendly, and responsive to my questions.  They arranged everything for us, including our canopy tour, which made our trip very relaxing and stress-free.

Jennifer, April 2009

This was the most amazing vacation I have ever been on. It truly changed my life. I really needed something like this at this time in my life. The location was beautiful and the people I met along the way were helpful, fun, and inspirational.

Krista, December 2008

This was perhaps the best week of my life. I was extremely pleased with the high level of professionalism and ability of all of the Surf Diva staff. I cannot wait to reunite with my fellow Divas!

Joanne, December 2008

I am so grateful to Surf Diva for helping me to have my dream come true, to finally learn to surf. This is the first time I have gone on a one week adventure and felt like I was away for three weeks because so much was packed into my daily schedule...I had a blast and began 2007 with a totally new perspective. I feel so physically strong...I highly recommend this program to my friends and also to anyone interested in really learning to surf.

Marina January 2007

This is obviously a very professional organization with a well-run program. Our instructors were top notch in caring for our needs. I have already recommended your trip to others. I’ll be back in Costa Rica for sure. Mahalo! P.S. I loved the camaraderie that the all women camp fosters. Great work ladies!!

Lisa, April 2006

I had a wonderful time. Our instructors did a great job with a large group. Every minute was pure fun. I would do it again in a minute (and hope to next spring with my daughter) and I will strongly recommend Surf Diva.

Mary, April 2006