Surf Diva is proud to keep every retreat personal and boutique! For us it is most important that you have the trip of a lifetime in Costa Rica (but we hope you come back for a repeat)! Besides our regular & fantastic retreats, we also offer special weeks, where things are a little different...




Co-ed Retreats

Surf Diva started as an all women surf school, however nowadays we enjoy teaching and spending time with our boyfriends, husbands, friends and colleagues. Check the dates or ask one of our Destination Divas for co-ed weeks and spend a great week with like-minded Divas and “Divos” in  Nosara! Couples welcome!

Family Retreats

Coco and Izzy Tihanyi both have kids and so do a lot of our Surf Divas. Costa Rica is probably one of the safest and most exciting countries for kids to learn how to surf and experience a new culture. Wild iguanas, monkeys and the vibrant jungle surroundings are waiting to be explored! The laid-back attitude of the Costa Ricans, who love kids makes traveling and staying in this amazing country ideal for families. Our coaches and retreat counselors are very experienced with teaching kids  - request your favorite Summer Surf Camp instructor to join your family in Nosara! Upcoming Family Weeks

“Why Costa Rica Rocks for Families! This Central American hot spot is fun  or families. Getting a wake-up "call" from a gang of howler monkeys is something my family still talks about -- and impersonates. And that's just the start of the animal encounters."


"Nosara is a goreous location with super friendly folks. Loved this trip, so much fun! We felt like we are on a trip with great friends. We really want to go again!! Love you guys! The instructors were THE BEST, I can't even believe how much I was able to learn. They were SO sweet with the kids and the kids loved them. We were accomodated in every possible way. The room was a good set up for us."

Ginna, traveling with her husband, her 11yo, 5yo and 2 yo, February 2016


"Cross it off the Bucket List, I learned to surf!  If you ever wanted to learn to surf here is your chance. I have wanted to learn to surf for a long time, it even is (make that was) on my bucket list. So searching around I found Surf Diva Surf School. Ok, I"m not a girl, but they teach guys too and I listen way better to female insturcters usually anyway. Our Surf Coach (Ashley) gave us all the info and instruction we needed in a straightforward and fun way. We (Me, my wife, and my 13 year old son) all loved it. Ashley is a great teacher. And we all go up on the board. Surf Diva provided the boards and wet suits. We definitely want to go back for more. What are you waiting for??? Go SURF. You will love it. Your kids will love it. You will never remember your best day sitting on the couch watching TV, you will remeber this!"

BossHossZZ4, February 2011via trip-advisor-logo.jpg





Adults $2,575 per person

Teen  $2,275 (age 10-17)

Grom $1,700 (age 5-9)

Mini-Grom $250 (age 2-4)

** Minimum age to participate in surf lessons is 5 yo, lodging is free under 5 years old, the fee is to cover meals.



Become a Surf Diva Guru!


Attention fitness instructors, yoga teachers, brides-to-be and busy bees – Share the Surf Diva Costa Rica experience with your students, clients or BFFs and save cash!

If you refer 5 Divas or more, you get to go for free; Refer 8 or more and we help you out with a little extra cash towards your flight!

But these are only the basics of our Guru program – Give us a call at 858.454.8273 or e-mail our program specialist Steve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"I recently organized a trip to Nosara, Costa Rica for myself and 9 women, through Surf Diva. It was an outstanding experience for everyone. I've been a guide and trip leader for 20 years and I can honestly say Surf Diva is one of the best I've worked with. I will continue to surf with them and travel the world to amazing destinations, bring my friends and clients and recommend them strongly to anyone wanting to learn or just to experience surfing, Go visit them in La Jolla or Nosara! It's an exceeds expectations experience always. Thank you Surf Diva!"

Carolyn, February 2013 via yelp.jpg