All rentals are first come first serve and done at the Surf Diva Surf Shop. No reservation is needed for renting equipment. Rental equipment hours of operation: 8:30am - 5:30pm daily. If equipment is kept past 5:30pm you will be charged a overnight (Daily) rate. See prices below.


How It Works

Hourly Rates

Time starts when you leave the shop. 5 hours max. Any time over 5 hours is considered a Daily Rental.

Daily Rates

Structured as a rental that exceeds 5 hours. If you're keeping our rental equipment for multiple days (24+ Hours) your rental will be marked as a daily rate each day + any additional hours on the day you return the equipment. 

Daily Rate Example:
Surfboard rented: Monday at 10:00am
Surfboard returned: Tuesday at 11:00am
Customer charged: $50 (Daily Rate) + $10 (Houly Rate) = $60 total

Dawn Patrol 

To receive the Dawn Patrol rate, a cusomter must rent equipment 1 hour before we close, keep it overnight, and return it before 10:00am the next day.Dawn Patrol is designed for the surfer looking to surf at sunset and/or early morning.
Dawn Patrol is not a 24 hour rental.


Rentals Hourly Rates Daily  Rates Dawn Patrol
Fomie  (Soft) Surfboard $10 $50 $25
Epoxy (Hard) Surboard $15 $70 $25
Stand-Up Paddle Board $25 $80 $40
Wetsuit $6 $25 $15
Bodyboard $6 $25 $15
Beach Chair $6 $25 $15
Locker $5 - Day $5 - Day -