All sized, long wetsuits available for men, ladies & kids.

In spring, fall & on cooler summer days a "shorty" is your best bet! Available for kids and men & ladies.

We offer various brands for ladies & men, to make sure you get a wetsuit that fits you as good as possible!

A shorty wetsuit is great for standup paddleboarding year round in La Jolla!


1 hour $6
 2 hour
4 hour (Half Day) $15
7 hour (Full Day) $20
  24 Hour (Overnight) $25
 Dawn Patrol* $15






 * Dawn Patrol start 1 hour before we close (shop hours change seasonally) and ends at 9:30am the next day.

Please rinse off all wetsuits in ocean water to clean from sand before you bring it back to the shop. We reserve the right to charge a $10 cleaning fee, if wetsuit rentals are brought back very sandy.