Surf Club


2020/2021 Surf Club Sports Fall/Winter Season Packages

After School Program & Weekend Surf CLUB PROGRAM


2 SEMESTERS, on a monthly membership program.

All dates are subject to a minimum registration for the class to run, as we are offering small groups of Surfer Pods. Choose your set day or days and Surf Pods based on the following fall and winter schedule. Parents can create personal Pods of surfers as long as they fill the Pod.

(1 instructor for 3 surfers for ages 5-7, 1 instructor for 4 surfers ages 8-11 and 1 instructor for 5 surfers ages 12 -17) Up to 2 Pods can run at the same time per age group.

We have limited availability, and are working within a fluctuating situation with schools reopening in various ways and modes. We will do our best to accommodate your surfer, and to find a silver lining in all of this through learning new skills in the ocean.





How it Works

How it Works

Interested in surfing after the summer? Surf Club is a surf lesson membership that offers both after school and weekend surfs sessions. After selecting the weekday(s) you would like to surf, your surfer will be grouped in a POD and will surf consecutively every week throughout the school year. Payment is auto collected every 4 weeks unless canceled by the surfer. If you choose to end your surf club membership, you must do so by the 20th of every month. View the surf club schedule below:




Surf Club will be broken up into PODs. Pods must remain static with the same participants in each daily group. When enrolling, choose your set day or days and Surf Pods based on the following fall and winter schedule. Parents can create personal Pods of surfers as long as they fill the Pod.
Ages 5-7 - 1 instructor for 3 surfers
Ages 8-11 - 1 instructor for 4 surfers
Ages 12-17 - 1 instructor for 5 surfers
Up to 2 Pods can run at the same time per age group.


All participants must have their own wetsuits, rash guards and booties. Our surf students receive a 10% discount on surfboards and 20% discount on wetsuits and apparel (not on sale). Discounted packages are available to students who bring their own surfboards. We can help you order the best board for your surfer, although there are limited quantities available at this time.

Photos and video will be available, with specific dates, depending on photographer availability. Photos/videos must be booked in advance. Arrive suited up, sunscreen on, ready to go in the water. Do not leave phones or valuables on the beach. Surf Diva is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

What to bring:
Hooded Changing Towel
Booties (optional but recommended when the water drops below 60 degrees) Surfboard with safety fins and nose guard (rental boards available)



This is a monthly program, and you can select your days of the week in advance, in monthly increments. If you miss a practice, there are no make-up days or switching of days, for any reason. Please let us know if you cannot attend a practice, so the group is not waiting for you on the beach.

A new waiver is required, with the dates of the program. Please update all emergency contact information, as well as pickup authorization.
Rainy Days

Rainy Days

When it’s raining, surf clinics are subject to being postponed, and will be made up at the end of the season. Only the CAMP DIRECTOR can make the call to cancel a clinic due to weather or conditions. The decision to cancel is usually made the morning of the clinic, as conditions can change overnight. Rain events of .5” or more, within 24 hours, will trigger a cancellation.

No other absences will be rescheduled or made up. If we are unable to surf due to storm surf or runoff, we will still hold practice on the beach and will have conditioning drills, performance drills and a land lesson. If it is raining too hard for our land practice, the workout will be added to the end of the semester, in December.

Any missed classes are not redeemable for more lessons or store credit. The spots in the program are non-transferrable to others, and are limited to 4 surfers for the ages 10 and under/ 5 surfers ages 11 and up.

Please contact the office at 858-454-8273 if your child is unable to attend any of the practices. We will take attendance and expect to be notified if your child is absent.



$225/month + 16% City of San Diego Surcharge (per session)

billed on the 20th of the month
Days cannot be switched.
Surfboard rental package Add $35/month



How do I enroll?

Use the BOOK NOW button located in the Fee's section above.

Before enrolling, please review our expecations for goals, equipment, registration/payment, rainy days, and fees listed above.




COVID-19 Rules

Once you are enrolled in a session, we do not switch Our ability to remain open and offering our services during these times hinges on the safety of our students and staff. 

1. Do not bring your child to Surf Club if you, or a member of your household, has a fever or was potentially exposed to Covid-19. 

2. It is your responsibility to make sure that your child arrives with a MASK on, regardless of who drops them off at the beach.





Drop off/Pick up

All participants must be picked up on time, or an overtime charge will be assessed at $1/minute. All participants must wear masks on the beach. Parents should also wear masks in our area when picking children up at the beach. Please send any scheduling or payment questions to our admin staff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We cannot handle admin on the beach, as we are focusing our attention on the students and their safety. 



For safety reasons, we can not allow drop-ins from friends or family. However they are always welcome to set up a private class at the same time or a group lesson at a different time.