Surf Camp FAQ's


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Will my child need to wear a face mask?

Face mask are not required outside or during our summer surf camp program. Please talk to your camper about social distancing. If your child is feeling sick, please do not bring them to camp.

My child has a friend & or sibling also attending camp. Can they be in the same group?

Yes, once you enroll your child through our website, there will be a questionnaire window that pops up. You will be able to list the names of the other children that you are requesting your child to be with.

What level of surfers are the other kids attending the camp?

Our camp caters to a lot of different skill levels. We have kids attending camp who are first time surfers and kids who surf with us regularly. Our instructors can accommodate all skill levels. If you would like to let us know something about your child's skill level, there will be a questionnaire are you enroll your child where you can add in a comment.

I have 2 kids that are in different age groups. Can they surf together?

For safety & structure reasons we like to keep our groups close in age. If we have large age gaps in one group, it can separate the kids in the water making it difficult for our instructors to accommodate everyone in the group. Largely mixing ages can also affect the overall flow of the camp. Kids who are very different in age have different personalities. We find that kids enjoy themselves more when they are around their peers.

Do I need to check-in at the shop before camp starts?

Do I need to check-in at the shop before camp starts?
Shop check-in is no longer required. On Monday morning you can head straight to the beach camp check-in spot.

Directions to camp checkin/checkout

How soon do I need to register?

We recommend signing up ASAP. Surf camps in the summer will sell out. All summer camps are first come first serve.

If your desired week of camp is at full capacity, you can be added to a waitlist through the website.

Will there be sunscreen provided at camp?

Sunscreen will not be provided or shared. All campers are required to bring their own water proof sunscreen. Please arrive with your sunscreen labeled with your child's name.

What sunscreen do you recommend?

What sunscreen do you recommend?
Please purchase waterproof surf sunscreen face sticks which will NOT drip into the camper's eyes. Lotions and sprays will wash off the campers face in the ocean. Our staff picks are: RAW, VERTRA, HEADHUNTER and we offer these products at a 20% discount to our campers in our surf shop.

If we do not own a wetsuit, can we rent one?

We recommend purchasing your own wetsuit, if possible. Weeklong wetsuit rentals are available at our surf shop. If you need to rent a wetsuit, please stop by our surf shop the weekend before your camp starts. FYI all campers receive a 20% discount off wetsuits in the shop.

Is there a waiver I need to sign?

YES. There is a waiver embedded in the original confirmation email that we need signed before camp begins.

If my child misses a day of camp, Can he make it up on a different week?

No, we do not do makeups for missed camp days.

If my child decides they do not want to finish camp, can I get a refund?

No. Unless it is due to a documented medical emergency, we cannot refund/credit for missed time.

If my child is not there for the full week, do you offer pro-rated camps?

No. We do not offer pro-rated camps, but we do offer private lesson daily.

If my child is enrolled in full day and wants to switch to half day can I get a refund?

Any changes to your reservation must be made 1 week before the start of camp. We do not allow any changes once the week of camp has started.

My child has his own surfboard, can he use it during camp?

Soft-top surfboards (aka "Fomies") are always welcome at surf camp. If the surfboard is hard, it will be up to the Camp Director to allow the student to use the surfboard. If this is the child's first time at our surf camp we will require the student to use one of our "fomie" surfboards for the first couple of days. After that it will be up to the camp director to determine if the surf conditions and the students ability to handle their surfboard in the water is a safe situation. **Safety in the water is a huge priority to our staff and hard surfboards can be a hazard in large groups. We make sure that all of our campers are in safe conditions and using safe equipment. **